Tuesday, August 29, 2006

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"Please, I'm just lost and want to go home." she said in a low frightened voice.

“Remove that,” he said, lightly touching my tank top.

Now, on with the story! :-)

Kamesha had reached into her purse, pulling out a brush with a thick rounded handle. She gave an evil grin as she pondered the possibilities of what was just about to happen. Kamesha took some unscented cocoa butter lotion that was in her bag and squirted it on the brush. Tiffany heard the lotion bottle "fart". "What's going on?"

I never appreciated the exactness of exactly before.

Something was amiss, it seemed strange to Susan that the girl was purposefully averting her gaze from her as she spoke; mistakenly Susan took this for shyness. She presumed this was going to be another one of those tedious "How does one become a big TV star" chats that pissed her off thought Susan. That warm aroused feeling bubbled restrained but insistent within her and she wanted to get rid of her uninvited guest rapidly, partly to relieve the threatening embarrassment she would feel if the girl noticed her state of arousal. Probably the quickest way to dismiss this amazingly attired young girl would be to allow her request to talk briefly thought Susan.

He crisply ordered, "Help me with my boots. Surely you know how." Madeleine nodded dumbly, and complied. After each boot had clunked to its respective resting place on the kitchen floor, he spoke again, "Remain right where you are. Don't move." Madeleine hung her head in fear and shame. Von Steuben leaned over, removed his socks and bounced each of them off the top of Madeleine's bowed head. Again he stood and slowly removed his cavalry pants. Now he was naked save for his undershorts. His rampant prick acted as a tent pole against the strained fabric.

"No Auntie but-"

"Shut up," Janet laughed.

"You want me to wash you?"

I explained to her everyone is out and would be back only in the afternoon after lunch at about 3.00 pm. After sometime, I asked her if she would like to have some something to drink. I offered her a cola and open a bottle of beer for myself. After some casual talk about my cousins and uncle, I was getting bored.

"If you do remember so vividly, what was I wearing?"

"No," she said, her tone definitive. Jimmy shrugged and reached for the phone, smiling as she screeched "WAIT!"

"I'm heading over to Senior Frog's. It's a local bar and club. I'm starved and want some dinner."

Definite acceptance. I grew bolder and said, "I have to ask. Why did you have to come down with me?"

"As for talking to you face to face I can only say that I am basically a shy person, that it has been many years since I was single and I'm not real sure about the whole dating thing this late in life. Finally, and to be perfectly honest with you, I don't think I could handle your rejection of me quite yet. I honestly want to know you, and to possibly be told to take a hike is not something I think I could handle yet."

"They dry out, and then become a fire hazard," he said when ever anyone asked him why he waited until the very last minute to purchase our tree.

As she sat there, regaining herself she unconsciencely licked the cum off her upper lip. I got that on video. Then in a shock like she realized her husband was still on the phone, she quickly brought the phone to her mouth. She had let her arm drop to her side through this ordeal and had completely forgotten about Rocky on the other end. Seeing this, Rocky quickly brought the phone back to his mouth as well. He too had been dropped the receiver to his side. In utter shock at seeing his true blue wife ingest a gallon of cum from a huge black cock no doubt.

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